Man Mein Ram Basale Bole Ram Aaja Ram : Jagjit Singh

Man mein Ram basale, Bole Ram aaja Ram

Man mein Ram basale, Bole Ram aaja Ram

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What I like most about this bhajan is

1) Jagjit Singh’s voice and his rendition.
2) The cute little girl in the video.
3) Love between grandma and child.
4) Mostly, it shows that we need to call God with full faith and believe, for Him to come and help us.

Lyrics of Man mein Ram Basale, Bole Ram Aaja Ram (Hindi, English)

बोलो राम जय जय राम बोलो राम – 2, Bolo Ram Jai Jai Ram Bolo Ram – 2

जन्म सफल होगा बन्दे मन में राम बसा ले, Janam safal hoga bande man mein ram basale,

बोले राम आजा राम बोले राम …. , Bole Ram aaja Ram Bole Ram ….

हे राम नाम के मोती को सांसो की माला बना ले, He Ram naam ke moti ko saanso ki maala bana le,

राम पतित पावन करुनाकर और सदा सुख दाता, Ram patit paawan karunakar aur sadaa sukh dataa

बोले राम आजा राम बोले राम …. Bole Ram aaja Ram Bole Ram

राम पतित पावन करुनाकर और सदा सुख दाता, Ram patit paawan karunakar aur sadaa sukh dataa

सरस सुहावन अति मनभावन राम से प्रीत लगा ले, Saras Suhavan ati manbhaavan Ram se preet lagale,

मन में राम बसा ले, Man mein ram basale

बोले राम आजा राम बोले राम …. Bole Ram aaja Ram Bole Ram

मोह माया है झूटा बन्धन त्याग उसे तू प्राणी, Moh maya hai jhuta bandhan tyag use tu prani,
राम नाम की ज्योत जला कर अपना भाग जगा ले, Ram ki jyot jalaa kar apna bhag jagaa le,

मन में राम बसा ले, Man mein ram basale,

बोले राम आजा राम बोले राम …. Bole Ram aaja Ram Bole Ram …

राम भजन में डूब के अपनी निर्मल कर ले काया, Ram bhajan mein doob kay apni nirmal kar le kaya,
राम नाम से प्रीत लगा के जीवन पार लगा ले, Ram naam se preet lagaa kay jeevan paar laga le,

मन में राम बसाले, Man mein ram basale,

बोले राम आजा राम बोले राम ….Bole Ram aaja Ram Bole Ram…

English meaning of Man mein Ram Basale

(For visitors who doesn’t understand Hindi)

Say Lord Ram Hail Ram,

Life will be successful if you have Lord Ram in your heart,

With every breath take the name of Lord Ram,

Lord Ram is kind, helps the downtrodden and gives you eternal happiness,

Very simple and pleasing to heart , Love Lord Ram.

Leave out this worldly pleasures as its all false,

Start the eternal flame of Lord Ram and see your fate change for better.

Always sing songs in praise of Lord Ram and make yourself pure,

Love the name of Lord Ram and He will see you through.

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27 Responses

  1. Asok Says:

    Indeed a good bhajan, can you post the lyrics too?

  2. Ruchir Says:

    It was a pleasure listening to this. Thank you for putting it up. I noticed ‘Pawan’ could be altered to ‘Paawan’ on the lyrics.

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for listening, and the valuable feedback, I have corrected the mistake in the lyrics of this bhajan. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. prabakaran Says:

    i was stunned at jagjit singh’s voice

  5. prabakaran Says:

    the cute little girl i love her very much

  6. prabakaran Says:

    please tell the name of that cute girl

  7. admin Says:

    I am not sure of the name of the cute little girl in this bhajan. though i will try to find out n post it here.

  8. skbishnoi Says:

    It’s really a enjoyable bhajans in the voice of jagjit singh.God has gifted him such a lovely voice and he is using voice in such a beautiful way.Our society needs more of these types of bhajans.

  9. Adrian from Argentina Says:

    I love Lord Ram and this bhajan. Could you please post the lyrics translated to English language, in order to get it in Spanish ?

  10. admin Says:

    @skbishnoi : you are so correct when you say that our society needs more of these kind of bhajans.

    @Adrian : I will translate it to English, please give me a few days to be able to find some time to do it

  11. arun khanduri Says:

    it is fantastic. i really loved the way it is made. jagjit singh’s voice is devine. please keep on doing the same.

  12. Sparkly Says:

    when this song first came out, I was looking everywhere for the words and couldn’t find it…thank you for posting up the lyrics! Now I can sing it and understand it better! :)

  13. admin Says:

    @ arun : Thanks, I will keep on trying to do so.

    @sparkly : Jai Shree Ram! I glad that you are happy.

  14. Nilesh Says:

    I have been searching this bhajan for long tinm but i couldn’t got it any were it is my one of the favorite bhajan. Thanks to u………

  15. reenasaxena Says:

    realy a very nice bhajan beautifully sung. what i like about jagjit is the voice modulation & difference between tone when he sings.when he sings ghazals his voice is silky,soft which slides down& touches innermost corners of heart.when he sings bhajans his voice takes us 2 an altogether different& higher level of devotion.

  16. reenasaxena Says:

    his videos specially this 1 is made in a very novel & unique way.this type of storytelling in a bhajan is i suppose novel in itskind.very different & distinct 4m other bhajanswhere thesinger sits in mandir. this video shows that we should incorporate gods qualities in our lives.singing in his praise is not enough.

  17. puneet kumar Says:

    i very much admire lord rama , and i must say that i ‘m now fan of jagjit singh’s voice….. this is a very sweet and beautiful bhajan… i love it….

  18. pavan mishra Says:

    a lovely example of faith with god. which says god live with you

  19. viren Says:

    How to download the song

  20. Esra Says:

    Could anybody explain the meaning of bolo ram? thanks :-)

  21. Krishna Says:

    It touches the heart. I can’t help feeling greatly moved every time I see the video.

  22. Raghavi Says:

    I am in love with Raghav i.e. another name of Shree Ram and we were searching for this bhajan like mad. Thaannkss to you that we are able to listen it now and even thanks to provide the lyrics. Please tell us how do we download this.The link for downloading the song is not working,it opens other page of the site.Please Please Please. Jai Siyaram… Thanks in anticipation!!!

  23. Raghavi Says:

    Esra if you are watching this then ‘Bolo Ram’ means ‘Say Ram’.Chant his Beautiful and Holy name,your life is successful only then

  24. Bharat Says:

    When i saw this song for the first time, little girl and kid Ram filled me with emotions. I happened again. But for the 3rd time, i was unable to hold my emotions and started to cry like a child. Love you Ram

  25. Kehar singh Says:

    True music & devotion

  26. Kavindra Panchal Says:

    Is bhajan ki Prerana bhut acchi hain.

  27. Anantha Says:

    I like this song very much

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