Hey Ram Hey Ram – Jagjit Singh

Hey Ram Hey Ram – Jagjit Singh

Hey Ram Hey Ram from Jagjit Singh

Download Hey Ram hey Ram MP3

What I like most about this bhajan is :

Lyrics of Hey Ram Hey Ram (Hindi, English)

हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram
हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram

तू ही माता तू ही पिता है Tu hi mata tu hi pita hai,
तू ही तो राधा का श्याम Tu hi to Radha ka Shyam

हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram
हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram

तू अंतर्यामी सबका स्वामी Tu antaryami sabka swami
तेरे चरणों में चारो धाम Tere charno men charo dham

हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram
हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram

तू ही बिगाडे तू ही सवारैं Tu hi bigade Tu hi sawaren,
इस जग के सारे काम Iss jag ke sare kam

हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram
हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram

तू ही जगदाता विश्वविधाता Tu hi jagdata vshwavidhata,
तू ही सुबह तू ही शाम Tu hi subah tuhi shaam

हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram
हे राम हे राम Hey Ram hey Ram

English Meaning of this bhajan
( For visitors who doesn’t understand Hindi)

o ram, your name is the true name in this word
you are mother, father, and you are Shyam of Radha
you are knower of what is inside the heart, lord of all, the four abodes are in your feet
you destroy as well create all that the works of this world
You are the creator of this world, you are the morning and evening
o ram, your name is the true name in this word

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51 Responses

  1. Avibesh Says:

    Cool bhajan of Lord Rama.

    Jai Shree Ram.

  2. Raj Says:

    will be more useful if all religious bhajans, devotionals arti’s,chalisa & songs etc are allowed for free downloads

  3. ashim Says:

    cooool song of lord rana

  4. anuradha Says:

    i m crazy about this song

  5. sumith Says:

    how can we download this bhajan

  6. vishal Says:

    plaeas send hey ram hey ram

  7. pink Says:

    cool song……..

  8. Pradeep Singh Says:

    a beautiful site with bhajans that melted mt heart and filled my eyes with tears. I would love to download and copy lyrics if you can assist, I will be most greatful.

    Mei Thumara hu, thum hamare hai, hum sub uska hi hai, jiska naam saabse hai pyara.

  9. Anjali Mahen Says:

    how can i download hey ram in mp3 format? And also can u help me out to download free shiv amritvami.

  10. imrankhan Says:

    hello service provider i need to download this RAM BHAJAN but it is impossible. i searched everywhere to download.2.he sai ram he sai ram hare hare krishna radhe radhe shyam also ineed pls do something for me

  11. Neha Says:

    Thank you for compiling all this. As an Desi in America looking to learn Ram Bhajans, I am happy to have found your site. Keep blogging. Jai Ram ji ke!

  12. Apurva Saha Says:

    Very good songs.all the bhajans were very pleasant.it melted my heart and made my eyes full of tears.

    Hare Ram Hare Ram,Ram Ram Hare Hare
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

  13. prashant saini Says:

    very good song
    it makes us to divert us mind and heart 2wards the almighty god

  14. Aditya Says:

    gives peace to mind and soul.. generates positive vibrations inside and outside.. recharge the aura around.. Jai Shri Ram !!

  15. Rajesh k thakur Says:

    very good song
    it makes us to divert us mind and heart 2wards the almighty god

  16. sachin patil Says:

    It is a spiritual songs, and heartist god Prabhu Shree Ram song. so i realy Appreciates to given me this song.
    Special thanks.

  17. saji Says:

    Great magical heartfelt spiritual soul touching bhajan.Second to none always will be number one.Thanks!

  18. rachna j singh Says:

    i want to hav free download of hey ram hey ram , please tell me about this , how to do download it?

  19. k.shiva kumar Says:

    it is a very very wonderfull song of god ram,i am mad about this song

  20. k.shiva kumar Says:

    i want to download hey ram hey ram song,how should download this song

  21. Kalpesh Says:

    this is not bhajan of shree ram.
    it is the ram naam. this is ram before shree ram. choutha ram.
    fourth ram.
    this is the ram whose bhaki sant kabir , guru nanak meera bai did.

    visit http://www.ramdwara.com
    for more information

    jag me tin hi ram he
    ek ram jo ghat ghat bole
    ek ram dashrat ghar dole
    ek ram ka sakal pasara
    choutha ram sab su nayra.

    tin loak nau khand ke aage mukti mukam
    jaha kabir sa ghar kiya
    waha gorak, dutt na ram.

    ate jate swas me ram nam ka smaran karo jisse daswa dwar.
    tenth door khul jata hai aur jeete ji param moksh ka anubha hota hai

  22. DIVAM RAMPAL Says:


  23. Sandeep Gujrati Says:

    Hi all, No doubt about this that the lyrics of this bhajan is very nice and heart touching but above all the voice of Jagjit singh to this Bhajan has made this bhajan spritual. I need MP3 format of this bhajan. If any of you can help me out to download this bhajan, then Please help me.

  24. Jeswin Says:

    Nothing just fabulous song. Excellent composion

  25. Gayatri Tiwari Says:

    what song by Jagjit Singh !!!!
    I m crazy to download this song the only thng is tht Im unaware from where to????

  26. Rahul Says:

    what song by Jagjit Singh !!!!

    The Song is very much good that fill the heart and mind

  27. Prabhat Kumar Sanghi Says:

    Hey Ram sung by Jagjit Singh is a devine song/bhajan which gives ralaxation to the mind and brings us more closer to the almighty. Whenever I am disturbed or depressed I use to hear this Bhajan and this gives me a new way to come out of my problem. Thank You Sri Jagjit Singh Ji for this beautiful bhajan.

  28. rakesh thakur Says:

    this bhajan give strength to soul

  29. pranjal Says:

    Hey!! all, u can download this bhajan from a website 4shared.com :)

  30. rajendrasingh Says:

    jagjeet singh supper bhajan singer in the world no comperision

  31. Kaushik Pradhan Says:

    I like this Bhajan because i love for Lord Ram & Lord Jagjit singh. I never seen in my life the God, But when i listen this bhajan i see the Lord Ram.
    Thank You very much Jagjit Singh .
    Take care & God Bless u
    Kaushik Pradhan


    This is one of the best bhajan i have ever listen. Great,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,
    Can any one tell me how to download it. I am despirate about this,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
    ,.,.,.,JAI SHREE RAM,.,.,.,

  33. Lokesh Bisht Says:

    HEY RAM….you are everywhere..


    jagjit singh voice is nice Jai Shri Ram

  35. Sujitsarin says Says:

    God u r the world maker. N makes us
    Ur the beauty of my life.
    By taking ur name i became pavitra.

  36. Sujit Says:

    I m fr. Papadahandi.
    I m attracted about bhajan. N want to download bt it is nt connected.
    I love you

  37. Pawan Pratap Singh Says:

    Prabhu Shree Ram ko barambar pranam.I love this song.Shree Ram Prabhu jag palan karta ko samrpit Song.

  38. Tushar Says:

    I have heard this bhajan long back (2002-2003) in some other voice which was just perfect for this bhajan. I have been searching for that song for long. anybody with more info can pl share

  39. datta bagul Says:

    u r side is best. but how we can download sogs

  40. Mahesh Jani Says:

    This give me immense mental piece and help me to increase my spritualism.

  41. Rahul Says:

    how to dowloads this bhajans

  42. Alok Ranjan,Gaya,Bihar Says:

    i like this kirtan very much

  43. shailendra Says:

    i love this bhajan

  44. shalu Says:

    mere shri ram prabhu. pls send it to me

  45. Venkat Mantirraju Says:


  46. rks Says:

    if any one want to download this SONG follow these instructions-download ‘internet download manager’ and play this video than idm will show a icon on right upper corner DOWNLOAD NOW just click it. after you downloaded the file. download and install ‘ANY VIDEO CONVERTER’ and than from avc convert the video to mp3.that’s all you got your mp3 of Hey Ram Hey Ram from Jagjit Singh. GOD BLESS EVERY ONE…

  47. pratap Says:

    I wanna download tis song but I didnt fid the ..plz somebody help me…

  48. C.K.ARORA Says:

    I like very much this bhajan becaouse feeling MAN KI SHANTI, EK NAI SHAKTI.
    One request to all please in a day once hear this

  49. Ankit Sharma Says:

    i like this bhajan bcoz it’s one of the best Ram song and it gives so much inner peace to me
    Jagjit Ji!

  50. Raj Says:

    Cool song for lord ram

  51. Daya mahansaria Says:

    I like this song to much because from this song i feel everything is happening with permission of lord ram
    jagjit sir

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